Hi i'm Jess or as my family and friends call me Jubs. I have this love for writing and for a long time had no idea what to do with it or whether I was even good at it or not. I am currently going through that stage of life where I'm slowly figuring out who I am (sorry a tad bit cheesy but true). In this discovery I know I love fashion and all things fashion related,I love make-up and taking photos of everyday life. I have this as some might say crazy dream of moving to London and somehow becoming either a fashion designer or writer as shy as I am, I decided to take a leap of faith and create a little blog to combine all the things I love and kick start this dream. I hope somewhere out there I can entertain or inspire someone with what I write and I hope this blog pushes me to put myself out there. As you may be able to tell already miss Audrey Hepburn is one of my idols and her elegance and beauty inspired me to create a blog with that same feel. I apologize I am a terrible speller and in no way an expert At any of the things I mentioned above, just a girl with a passion that's all. I appreciate anyone who takes time in reading my posts and commenting it means a lot thank you. Lots of love Jess mwah x
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