Saturday, 10 December 2016

Stocking Filler Ideas For Girls

The Christmas season is upon us, and if your anything like me then you has never been more disorganized for Christmas in your life!! This year I have been so busy, that gift buying has been on the back burner and if this sounds like you then I'm here to help. Sometimes finding the main gift is easier than finding those smaller cheaper gifts to fill up those stockings. Here I have a few gifts that I have brought to fill up those girls stockings under $20.00. Most of the items I have chosen are on the cheaper side with the most expensive being about $16.00. I hope this gives you some ideas for your mum, sister, friend or whoever you may be buying for this year.

For The Bath Lover:

The Comforter: The comforter is a body wash by Lush that smells amazing. I went for this instead of the snow fairy body wash because I thought this scent was more mature. I believe that this is the perfect stocking filler for any girl because who doesn't love lush.

Bath Bomb: This is the Comforter Bath bomb which has the same scent as the body wash. Of course you can pick any of the bath bombs that lush have,  I just wanted to be matching. Lush bring out some amazing Christmas bath bombs all a great price for a stocking filler or secret Santa gift. 

For The Makeup Lover:

NYX Roll-On Eyeshadow: This is the NYX roll on shimmer eye shadow in the shade Walnut Noix. There are heaps of different shades to choose from so theres something for everyone. I brought this for $12.00.

NYX Matte Lipgloss: This is the NYX soft matte lip cream number SMLC04 which is a nude brown shade. This lip cream only cost about $16.00 and comes in a huge range of different shades.

Lip Smacker glosses: This is the Lip Smacker ice cream dreams lip collection. I thought this was perfect for someone a little younger that maybe doesn't wear makeup yet. 

For The Candle Lover:

Grapefruit Candle: This candle is in the scent Grapefruit and only cost me $5.00 at Cotton on Body. This is the perfect extra stocking gift if you ask me. There are heaps of scents and different colors to choose from.

For The Glitter Lover:

Letter Key Ring: I picked this up from Cotton on Body for only $5.00. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and you can buy one for pretty much anyone. These key rings come in pink, glitter gold and glitter silver. 

For The Stationary Obsessed: 
Now I know I have recently done a post with this stationary in it, but I just couldn't resist putting it in my stocking fillers post because look it's just so darn cute. 

Marble Journal: This journal only cost me $5.00 from Kmart, how adorable is it?

Marble Stapler: I picked this matching marble stapler up for the same price, if you know someone who loves stationary and marble patterning this is a winner. 

Marble Weekly Planner: Everyone needs a weekly planner so why not get a cheap one that looks flipping cool. 
I hope this gave you some ideas if you're in a last minute hurry to get some extra gifts. Please leave a comment suggesting your perfect shocking filler, good luck shopping ;) Mwah xx

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