Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Trying Something New

I recently watched a you tube video about trying 5 new things. This video gave me a boost of inspiration to try and add new and exciting things into my everyday life. Often we become stagnant as our daily routines drag out and we get stuck in a cycle of the same things day after day. Holidays to exotic places seem to be the times where I feel most excited and adventurous but the reality is we can't always take holidays to spice up our lives. There will always be exciting places right around the corner and new things in our town or cities that we maybe haven't experienced before. This video gave me an idea to push myself to do things I would normally say 'no' to and force myself to go the extra mile to find something within nothing.We often become too reliant on other people to make life what it is and never truly appreciate what life can be like in moments when we are alone. I'm not suggesting never hanging out with friends we need people in life for love and support but we also need to be gutsy enough to love and support ourselves in order to go out and do things we want to do.This past week I put myself to the test to try out new things big or small.I hope you get some inspiration out of the new things that I tried this past week and challenge yourself.

1) Early morning run
I started my challenge on Saturday with an early rise and walk/ run on the beach. This sounds like an easy task and nothing new, but I usually exercise at home in our spare room so I'm not seen sweaty and gross in public. When I go on Holiday this is something I do a lot as I won't know anyone and the fresh morning air wakes me up in a happy mood.I have never done this close to home before and with zero makeup. The change in exercise was fun and the view was stunning. Morning sea spray and a light drizzle of rain really is a soothing feeling. This is something I definitely want to do more often.

2) Night on the town
I'm not great when it comes to socializing in a group filled with new people, I really have to push myself to say yes to these situations. My friend had a party and it involved drinking and going to clubs in town with a group of about 20 people that I didn't know. It was something I would usually say no to or make an excuse that I couldn't go, but due to this challenge I decided to make myself go. In the end I did have a good time and I talked to new people. Partying all the time may not be my thing but this experience taught me that I can put myself in those situations and enjoy myself.

3) Karaoke Night
Recently I got together with a few new friends from Uni and went out for Karaoke. I have never done Karaoke in my life and was apprehensive at first due to potentially embarrassing myself.I ended up having the best time ever and that's an understatement. With the right group of people that you feel comfortable with it can be a blast. It's a great idea for a night out as you can hire a room and just sing and dance like crazy with your friends. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new and just have a good time especially if your in a bit of a rut.

4) Bush walk
Speaking of being in a rut recently I have been in a fitness rut, with assignments going on and life taking over finding time and energy to exercise is a no go. If your like me the longer you go with no exercise the less motivation you have and a few days turns into a week. I decided to push myself and go with my family on a new bush walk. A bush walk may sound easy but boy are you wrong this walk was up hill with heaps of steps. It took about two and a half hours. Afterwards I felt fitter than I thought I was and more excited to exercise at home. Going somewhere new to exercise is always refreshing and motivating, it also adds excitement because its out of the ordinary.

5) Explore your city
Sometimes the best way to do something new is to simply explore the city you live in, find a new store or a new restaurant to venture off to. This week a few friends and I managed to walk around the city we live in and find a cute little chocolate shop that was selling milkshakes, cupcakes, cookies you name it. We each brought a drink, took a few pictures and wandered around in the sun with our drinks in hand. This may seem so simple yet it's one of my favorite NEW things I did on this list.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration into the New and exciting things you could do during your week to make life more interesting. Some of the things I did were challenging and pushed me socially but in the end I was better off for it. Doing new things is hard, but start off small and you will notice your happiness level increase and your motivation. If you managed to read the whole thing you are a true legend, please leave me a comment with something challenging and new you have done recently lets inspire each other. Until next time thanks for reading mwah x

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