Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Op shop gems

This past weekend I took a trip to a few Op shops around town rather than hitting some of the high-end stores that I usually shop at. I've always been a fan of op shopping, as my mum would take me as a kid. I'm now a student who needs to save money like crazy, so I thought I'd see what things I could find in the op shops. I picked up a few home decor and entertainment items for a bargain price which made me super excited. I thought I would share it with you guys to show you that Op shopping can be a lot of fun.

Wall Canvas Prints:

If you didn't know by now I'm a little obsessed with room decor and managed to find some really cool black and white canvas prints for my bedroom. This first one is my favourite, it looks like a little beetle car (Which I also want!) in the streets of Paris, I'm not exactly sure that's what it is but I love it anyway and it fits into the theme of my room perfectly. This print was only $5.00 NZD, which I managed to find in the corner of the store behind a bunch of other pictures and frames so make sure you really look when op shopping as that's when you manage to find some hidden gems.

This next one looks a bit more like a Tumblr blog but nether the less I love it. Again this print is on a canvas in black and white, which only cost me $6.00 NZD. This canvas is made up of three pictures, a cute quote, round sunglasses and city landscapes. I found this in a different store which was in the furniture section.

I am slightly too obsessed with Audrey Hepburn so anything I find even remotely to do with her I feel a sudden urge to buy. You can imagine my excitement when I found this mirror frame of the classic breakfast at tiffany's picture. This only cost me $5.00 NZD as well, so all up decorating my room was a lot cheaper than you would originally think. In my opinion, people won't even tell I purchased these in an Op shop.

Mason Jar

Mason Jars have quickly become a craze in the past few years and home decor stores seem to be able to sell them at a high price. I found about five of the same looking mason jars in one op shop which were being sold for only $1.00 NZD each!!! that's crazy.There is so many fun ways to use mason jars in your room and throughout the house. I only brought one but I have some ideas you could use your mason jar for. You can use it as a candle holder, to store makeup brushes and lipsticks, As a cup to serve drinks in or my favourite you can buy some small cheap fairy lights and wind them inside the jar to create a cute light decoration for your room.


I love watching Tv series and DVDs but I hardly ever buy them because it's usually too expensive and there's so many other ways to watch things online now. I found series one, three, four, five and six of 'Sex In The City' for only $5.00 each. At this price I couldn't say no, and with being on a Uni break I couldn't think of anything better than sitting on my couch binge watching the girliest series out there. You don't have to go searching for complete sets of Tv shows, but keep and eye out Op shops have really good Dvds and you might come across one of your favourite films. Sometimes owning your favourite film of Tv series on Dvd is much better than watching something on your computer and relying on internet acess.

That's all for this post I hope it opened up your mind to giving Op shopping a go as you may come across some hidden gems at a bargin price. Please leave a comment and thanks for reading mwah xx

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