Monday, 20 June 2016

My Birthday Treats

Long time no see! I haven't posted on here in a very long time eek I'm so sorry but I'm back on a uni break so get excited cause I'm ready to blog like I've never blogged before. I've been crazy busy with uni exams and in the middle of it was my 19th birthday that was on the 18th of June. I thought I would share some of the amazing gifts people kindly got me and possibly some things I brought myself ssh. That's enough talk let's get started:

Karen Walker Necklace:
My brother brought me this stunning Karen Walker bow necklace, I hate to think how much he spent! Karen walker is a huge New Zealand designer so this is a pretty special gift. I love that it's not too big, I feel like it's a piece of jewellery that I can wear all the time with anything. The packing of this necklace was also very cute and just made it even more special to receive. I was very spoilt with this that's for sure.

Onyx Necklace and Bracelets:
I may have treated myself two these to whoops. I have never had a sentimental real piece of stone jewellery that I can wear all the time and can help me through everyday life. You may or may not be a believer of stones but I am and really took my time in picking which one I wanted. I wear a lot of black but who doesn't! I would usually go for a clear stone because I always wear black, however, the black stands for confidence, which is something I often lack. This necklace is a gold chain with a natural healing gem. The gem is called an Onyx which is supposed to encourage confidence. I also brought these two bracelets or bangles whatever you want to call them. These were on sale and I just thought they were so cute. I want to start wearing more bracelets and these two which are gold match the other two necklaces I got and I feel they are simple and can go with anything. One has a pink rose quartz and the other has silver rhinestones.

Estee Lauder powder:
As I mentioned in an earlier post last year I received this same powder and I absolutely love it. I feel like this powder makes my face really matte which is a look I like at the moment. My Nan kindly brought me this again this year as I ran out of my other one.Estee Lauder is a brand I can normally not afford, I was very excited to get this. As you can see the casing is so nice and it reflects the quality of their makeup.

I got this super cute lavender garden I guess you call it haha! I love succulents and all things like that so this is such a good gift for me. I have placed it on my windowsill, the purple really brightens up the room.

Ecoya candle:
For anyone who loves candles and lives in New Zealand, you will know how amazing these candles are. This is something I can never seem to bring myself to buy because of the price, I died when I received this. This candle is called the botanic jar Midnight Orchard scent. As you can guess it smells amazing. I usually go for fruit scents when picking myself so this is going to be a really nice change in my room.

I received the 'Happy Daze' lush box. Lush is so good I can't even explain, I'm going to have the best baths for the next few weeks!This box includes the Brightside bubble bar mini, the comforter bubble bar mini, the fizz banger bath bomb and the experimenter bath bomb.

Flowers and holder:
If you have seen my bedroom decor post you know my love for mint green and my bedroom styling. This mint green flower holder looks perfect in my room and the orange flowers make it pop.

I got a cosmopolitan magazine, I hardly ever get to buy a good mag so I look forward to reading this. A vogue fashion book which is the coolest thing ever and just reminds me how badly I want to work for a company like that some day, yes a tad bit cliche but I love fashion books in general. I also got a vegetarian cookbook with over 150 recipes as I want to start trying out more veggie and vegan style foods.

Healthy food balls:
I get really excited about trying new healthy food products especially things like this that can be used to snack on.In the green packet is five raw energy snack balls by Tom & Luke in the flavour cacao, mint and almond, I love mint and chocolate so very excited to try this. The second packet has six wholefood balls by the brand Tasti in the flavour Mocha Macchiato Smooshed. I tried one of these straight away because I love mocha's so this was amazing, it's like a healthy coffee kick you can't feel guilty about I would recommend them!

I recently got a mouse for my laptop and didn't really think about a mouse pad so this will be perfect.It's black and white striped and says 'super busy' on it.

Tealight mason jar:
I got this mint green mason jar that I want to put a tealight candle into and hang somewhere in my room.

Thanks so much for reading if you managed to get to the end leave a comment and have a good rest of your day or evening mwah xx

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