Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Easy Homemade Hummus

At the moment easy mixed with healthy eating seems to be my main goal. I'm obsessed with hummus at the moment, it's such an easy healthy snack that you can just grab out of the fridge. I went through a phase when I would go to the supermarket and buy all the different hummus flavours and each day try a different flavour. I would recommend doing this if you love hummus because it's so healthy you don't have to feel bad about it. My two go-to hummus brands here in New Zealand are 'Lisa's' and 'Just Hummus' which has the heart foundation tick, another one I like is called 'Good Taste'. I love so many flavours like 'carrot and honey', pumpkin, butternut even beetroot Yes hummus makes me like beetroot. It's definitely easy to go out and buy hummus which I'm never going to stop doing, sometimes it's just fun to try and make your favourite foods for yourself especially if you feel like it and don't have it at home. I'm extremely keen to attempt to make some more interesting flavours but for my first go, I made a simple plain hummus.

What you will need:
-1x 400g can of chickpeas in brine
-1 1/2 tbsp of squeezed lemon (Add more if need)
-Olive oil
-2 tsp of tahini
-1 tsp of crushed garlic
-Salt and pepper to taste

1) Pour the can of chickpeas through a sieve into a bowl so you can drain the chickpeas and kept the brine. Rinse the chickpeas under cold water. Place chickpeas into a food processor or blender (I used a Nutri Bullet).
2) Blend for a little while so the chickpeas breakdown then add the tahini, garlic, lemon, some salt to taste and one tablespoon of the brine that you saved in step 1.
3) Blend all together slowly adding in olive oil until it becomes a smooth consistency that you like. Using a Nutri bullet I kept blending and adding, blending and adding to get the same effect.
4) Once you have blended it all together scoop into a bowl and give it a final 'whip' with a spoon or fork just giving it a smoother texture. Now place into a serving bowl and drizzle with oil and sprinkle on some paprika. I actually whipped in some paprika after tasting it as I thought it gave more flavour as well as adding more lemon, it's all about personal preference and what taste you want. Serve with some little hot toasted pitas or some plain crackers.

I ate this myself but it did last a few days so if you are making it for a dinner party starter along with some other dips it's the perfect amount. Double the recipe for a larger portion. I hope you guys like that I have a lot of fun making food and taking pictures so I plan for a few more posts like this to mix it up. Let me know if there is other recipes you wanna see, I'm liking the healthy vibe that's going. Thanks for reading leave a comment mwah xx

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