Monday, 1 February 2016

Pressing The Reset Button

This post is going to get a little bit deep and personal so if that's not your thing look away now! this past week has not been a particularly good one. A mixture of over thinking and sending myself in to an utter state of panic that at the same time feels inescapable. A loss for any positivity and ideas for moving forward. I can't say things are much better right this minute but slowly i'm pulling myself away from what I call the dark side. I thought I would share with you all a few things I have done the last few days to clear my head and attempt to send myself back in the right direction because let's be honest no one else is going to do that for you.

We all know food is a comfort at least for myself it is. Now I didn't want to go crazy of the rails with extremely bad food to pull me out of my funk as it feels fine at the time and 10 minutes later regret sets in. With that in mind I managed to eat some good food that was healthy to an extent. First of all we got the whole fam bam together to have a movie night and pizza (I had a gluten free base) which allowed me to focus on the good food and company rather than my wicked thoughts. Another night we headed up the coast and had a lovely picnic dinner with some super stunning views, that's New Zealand for ya!!! sometimes it's good to do something a little unexpected and out of your normal routine it makes you excited which often calms those worried nerves. Doing something spontaneous isn't as hard as we tend to think and doesn't have to be expensive either a simple picnic, movie or late beach walk can sometimes be all it takes. I was also very excited to discover some sugar free chocolate by Healtheries which is much needed at the moment and i didn't feel bad about eating it.

Going for a walk is honestly the best way to clear your head! if your anything like me doing it in the early morning or evening seems to work best. I went for two awesome walks during the week. The first one was in the evening once we had our picnic dinner around the beach and greenery area. The second walk I went on was in the city which has some breath taking views (in the second lot of images). I went with my cousin and we just walked and talked, with absolutely know particular destination which can often be the best walks. As you can see we found a spot looking over the city and we just sat for a while watching the world around us travel by, it was very relaxing and hugly needed. This sounds a very simple suggestion to clear your head but often we forget that the simple things work so if your ever a little bit fuzzy in the head just take a walk to absolutely anywhere I guarantee it will help you out. Even just going for a drive anywhere can be relaxing.

I have talked many times about meditation on this blog yet I'm very slack myself and havnt done it recently. I downloaded some new apps that have been amazing the first one is called Calm which I heard about through someone else's blog. It gives you 7 days of free meditation which is perfect if your a beginner. It also provides you with a few 2 minute meditations also free, these are great when your rushing about and can't slow down. the second one is called relax melodies sadly with this app you only get two free guided meditations but they are definitely good ones. You also get heaps of free relaxing sounds like rain, ocean and much more, sometimes just listening to sounds can calm me down so I love this app.

Music is always a release for me but its all about finding the right music. I have been struggling lately to find some new music that makes me feel good but with a little flick through Spotify I found some awesome new albums and artists. The first artist is called 'Oh Wonder' and the album is called 'oh wonder' also. It is an English writing duo that do what I call alternative music but others may say different. I've also been loving a solo artist at the moment that only has one EP called 'Sentemint EP' by 'Verite'. I love 'Zella day's'album called 'Kicker'. last but not lease is the 1975's new songs 'the sound' and 'ugh!'. This may not be your kind of music but often having a search for some new stuff can surprisingly change your mood playing it loud as you get ready for the day or attempt to get a few jobs done can pick you up.

I'm no genius with a cure to feeling down although i wish i was. I have recently finished school and have all this fear about my unknown future. I have tried to change my outlook on it all and try and be excited about the unknown. I plan to start at uni later this month on my own! The reason i make emphasis about going alone is that i haven't done or started anything on my own before in life. It sounds crazy but every school I've been to I've had friends, jobs I've known someone and even outside school activates I've always had a friend by my side. Starting something new can be scary but the truth is that difficult things often lead to exciting things down the line. I pray my new beginning can do that for me and others also. A change in mind set can go along way it sounds easy but i know all to well how difficult it can be. I've read through a lot of peoples blogs recently finding heaps of posts about similar things i'm going through. Hearing other peoples stories have really helped me so have a scroll through the internet and see what you can find. I hope this post may help some of you as other peoples posts have helped me. Please feel free to comment any advice or tips even issues you may be dealing with. i love the blogging community as people are always there to help each other. Lots of love from me mwah xx
p.s Sorry for the bad quality photos i took them all by myself on my phone.

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  1. I really like this post and love how confident you are to share personal stuff


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