Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I got For Christmas 2015

I can't believe Christmas is already over. We prepare for so long and just like that it's almost New Years. I hope everyone had a great Christmas day or holiday. I had a lovely day with the family and got some awesome stuff which i thought i would share.

Lets begin with books. I love getting books at Christmas time or as a gift as it's just something i don't go out and buy for myself unless there is a sale or a book i heard about that i really want. The holidays is also a great time to read due to spare time and it's so nice to sit out in the sun with a book or mag.

I got a pack which contained two magazines the December 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan and the Cleo issue. As you can see the main articles in both mags feature the kardashians why am i not surprised. Cosmo has an interview with the Kardashian/Jenners and Cleo has an interview with Kylie. I hardly ever get mags so i'm excited to read these and will definitely be taking them on holiday with me.
I also got one of the colouring books people are currently raving about. I originally thought it wouldn't be my thing but it's been five days since i got it and I've already started colouring it in.The one i have is Zoe de Las Cases Secret Paris colouring for mindness. I think it really does clear your head if you find time to do it. Along with that i got some Stabilo fineliner pens containing five neon colours which match the drawings perfectly. The next book is Zoe Sugg's second book Girl Online On Tour. I have read the first one which i did enjoy and was curios as to how it will end. I love Zoe so can't wait to read it and see what it's like.

For the room:
Currently i have an obsession with succulents real ones and fake ones. The real ones are very expensive when i went looking by myself. I was so stoked to open this one up as the mint green tin it comes in matches the feature wall in my room (i love mint green). It looks so cute and i really want to get some more, i think it adds something different and classy to a room. I placed mine on the windowsill. I also have a wee bit of a candle obsession also including mason jars so whats more perfect than a candle in a mason jar! This one is freshly picked white peach flavor. It smells amazing i love peach scented anything.

Typo stuff:
First i got some peach coloured headphones with a really lovely gold bit on them. The next thing is a take away coffee mug that says on it Today is the day, perfect for me this year starting Uni. Finally i got a new drink bottle which is again mint green yay! It says it's a good day to dream big. As you can tell i'm definitely a quote type of person. These are such essential things that i will use all the time.

For the Bath:

I got a few things for the bath this year starting off with three lovely bath bombs. I always find luch so expensive and there isn't one near me so this is a real treat. I got the candy mountain bath bomb, Tisty Tosty bath bomb and Golden Wonder. They all smell so incredible i can't even explain how good they smell. I can't wait i'll be having baths for days! Next I got a super cute little Victoria Secret set which comes with the Pure Seduction Hydrating Body lotion and the body wash. Both have the same sent of red plum and freesia including a little pink bath pouf.

Handbag Essentials:

First off is a fresh mint mouth spray it sounds weird but this thing is so cool, if you ever run out of mints and you need to freshen your mouth one spray of this and your ready to go. This is something i will always have on me.No one will borrow this from you unlike with mints when they are gone in seconds.Next is this hand cream from barkers and co green pear and guava flavor, Again something that is always handy to have with you and it smells amazing of course. I also got this super cute mint green puff thingy for my car keys, this is actually one of my favorite gifts i just think its so cute.

I love this hand bag it's definitely one of my favorites. It's a cream coloured bucket bag that i feel will go with any outfit. Inside is a detachable pocket perfect for hand bag essentials like i mentioned above.


Lastly i got some lovely good quality makeup brushes which is just perfect for me. They are by a brand called Nude By Nature. You get six brushes and a eyeliner sharpener which all comes inside a carry bag so it's perfect to take away on holiday. What i love about these brushes is the little wooden handles i think they just look so nice and the actually brush part feels soft. I also got an eye brow kit by W7. The kit included a brush some stencils and four different colours. I have never had a proper eye brow kit so i have wanted one for ages.

Sorry for the extremely long post i tried to be brief. Thanks for reading if you made it to the end as you can see i was spoilt. Mwah xx

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  1. Amazing!! The headphones are so beautiful!


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