Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pamper Evening

"The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun"

Have you ever come home with the feeling that nothing could change the terrible day you just had? your mind just won't shut off, thoughts are swirling around in your head and yet all you want to do is sleep and forget all your troubles. Now im not a miracle worker although i wish i was, there are a few tiny wee things that i know make me relax and calm down from a some what dissappointing day. Sometimes i do these things even when i have a good day just to wind down and bring me some positive vibes which i think we all need from time to time. No one wants to go to sleep dreeding the day that is ahead of them that is just a no go! What i like to do is have a 'pamper evening'. A pamper evening means something different to everyone i'm sure, so make it your own.

What you will need:

. A face mask

. A bath bomb (Any kind of relaxing bubble bath)

I know lush has amazing bath bombs and im yet to go and treat myself its just so expensive were i live but you can buy some lovely bubble baths from the supermarket, anything that smells nice and makes your bath bubbly is good.

. A book or magazine

My favourite books at the moment to read before bed is Love Tanya by Tanya Burr of course and Leave Your Mark by Donna Karan. Both are very inspiring books that make you want to get up and make the most of your life which is especially good if yout feeling down or un-motivated.


My all time favourite music to listen to at the moment is an album called Communion by Years & Years. I can't tell you my favourite song on the album because i just love them all no joke and that dosn't happen to me often. If you want to calm down even more spotify has so many playsits for just chilling out which sets the mood perfectly.

. Candles

I am a candle aholic which you may already know so when i have a bath i light up all the candles i own and it smells super amazing.

. Tea (of corse)
I almost forgot this one, pick your favourite tea or any kind of drink that you love, green mango tea is my all time favourite this month.

The Outcome:

Now dosn't that look relaxing!! I often do this on a sunday to get myself ready for the week ahead mondays often give me anxiety:( Like i said you can do whatever you like to do this is just what works for me. Please leave a comment and le me know what you like to do. I really hope this post was interesting in someway see you next time :) mwah xx

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