Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Naturals Eye Shadow Palette

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in what feels like ages. I had exams and life just got crazy for a bit. Today's post is kinda exciting (Well to me anyway) it's mainly for those of you who love makeup as much as I do. So a while back I spotted a pile of eye shadow palette's in Farmers and I just couldn't take my eyes off of them (No pun in tended). They just looked so cute and pretty. They are in a brand called Chi chi, I think it's an Australian brand but i'm not 100% sure. There was so many to pick from I stood in the store for a long time trying to decided which I liked the most. I usually don't wear eye shadow as i'm to scared and don't think I can pull it off. I've never been able to blend colors very well to create a 'wow factor' look. When I saw the 'Naturals' eye shadow palette it inspired me to try something new and have a go. As you will see in the picture the colors are stunning some sparkly and some matte. The colors are very neutral which is why I love it so much, i'm not a huge fan of bold bright colors when it comes to eye shadow. Some people look amazing with bright eye shadow but for an everyday elegant look neutral colors are the way to go. The palette was $30.00 NZD which to me is a bit pricey for eye shadow, but because i hardly ever buy eye shadow I thought why not. The palette comes with 12 different colors which is way more exciting that when you only get four another reason why I brought it. I have never brought the brand Chi Chi before but there is always a first time for everything. I've only been brave enough to create two different looks from the palette which I would like to share with you today. I'm in no way a professional make-up artist I probably have no idea what i'm doing, I just put things together until they look nice to me.
The first colors I experimented with were number one which is sort of a pale creme color, six which is a shimmery gold and nine which is a shimmery brown. I put the first color in the corner of my eyes. I put the gold color on the rest of my eye lid trying to blend it in with the first color as I went. Lastly I got a little bit of the brown color and slowly put it into my crease to darken the outside of my eyes. I really love this look as it allows the gold to stand out but still provides definition to your eyes. The pale color I have to say is my favorite it is very pretty and brightens up the corner of your eyes making them stand out. The pictures are not the best and the make up isn't done that greatly but I had a go and I liked the overall finished look.
The second look I created I used the third color in the palette, which is the shimmery silver and I put that on my entire eye lid.I also used Number five which again is a silver color just a bit darker and I put this in my crease to darken it. I also applied a little bit of eye liner to both the top and bottom of my eyes to make my eyes stand out even more. I do really like this look possibly more than the first one. I didn't think I would like the look at first as again I didn't think it would suite me. They are both very different, I feel like this one is more daring as it is a lot darker. I would wear this on a night out for dinner or something. I did wear this during the day but I would definitely do it again for a special occasion.The pictures don't really give it justice, It looks prettier in person.

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