Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What to do when you can't sleep

Lack of sleep almost always comes down to some form of anxiety or stress. Having a good night sleep however can help with feelings of angst and stress during the day so lack of sleep just makes day to day activities harder and drags out your stresses much more than they need to be. Everyone has different forms of stress whether its work or school related or home life whatever it is shouldn't be compromising a good nights sleep. I'm a classic example of an over thinker and typically my overthinking happens at night, I turn situations that merely require a few nerves into an anxiety freak show by lying in bed at night thinking of 100 ways in which things could go wrong. I have a few suggestions to try to get sleeping patterns back on track they wont solve life's little stresses but it can be a small step to combating unnecessary anxiety of everyday situations. 

1) Track your sleep:
Before trying to fix your sleeping problem I suggest tracking your sleep to get an understanding as to where your problems lie. Tracking your sleep can help discover if your even sleeping at all. We all have those nights where we wake up feeling like we never closed our eyes when in fact we managed to get a few hours in at least.
2) Have a bedtime routine:
Establish a bedtime routine so your brain starts to understand that it's time to sleep. That bedtime routine can mean anything to setting a time you want to be in bed by and a time you want to turn out the lights. Maybe try creating a face care routine before bed or having a bath. 
3) Turn off those phones:
We are all extremely guilty of scrolling through social media or watching YouTube before bed however the lights from your phone only wakes up your brain. Maybe try setting aside time to do this before getting into bed or an hour or so before you want to sleep. I admit we aren't all going to stop doing this anytime soon but watching random pointless cooking videos on Facebook at some ungodly hour of the night isn't helping anyone. 
4) Writing:
Try writing before bed. Write down a few things you liked about your day to feel positive before you sleep maybe those angst feelings won't show up so easily. Try writing down how your feeling to track how often you have feelings of anxiety. Even writing down what your stressing about or all the things you have to do the next day can help your mind switch off when it's meant to. We are all prone to forgetting things and one of my many problems is lying in bed trying to remember all the things I have to do the next day if I write it down before I sleep then my brain can't keep thinking about it.  
5) Drink tea:
Try drinking some kind of tea before bed to calm yourself down. Chamomile tea is best known to help you sleep or calm you down however if you don't like chamomile any tea could help sometimes its a mindset thing, telling yourself something will calm you down and make you sleepy will often have those effects.
6) Try stretching:
Try doing some stretches before you sleep, this can mean doing it whilst sitting up in bed or before you get into bed. Stretches can relax your muscles.   
7) Meditation/ calming music:
This one isn't for everyone but listening to soft tunes and trying to empty your mind could be a great solution if your problem is over thinking. 
8) Wash your sheets: 
Maybe your not an over thinker maybe you just simply can not sleep. Sometimes there isn't always a reason as to why things happen. Try washing your sheets and re making your bed, nothing can be better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets. 
Now i'm not an expert sometimes lack of sleep is a medical condition however for others it's simply how we are sleeping and what we are thinking that is the problem. If you can do something to avoid the doctors that's a win in my book. If your stressed over exams or life in general take small steps to relive stress before you start making rationale changes in your life. Sometimes you need to take those big steps with a clear head to be positive and successful. 

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