Saturday, 24 June 2017

Avion en papier Poem

Avion en papier (masculine word)  Paper plane  /a.vjɔ ɑ pa.pje/  Drawing: @beaubonjoli

Paper planes:

City squeals
Under pressure
Flashing lights of every color
Linking arms with another
Dancing cars
Lane to lane
1pm held together with glue
Sharp edges and seeping goop

Four, six legs instead of two
Zebra crossing zoo
Brown bags
Empty cups
High off foam and fluff
Foreign phone booths
Blue rhymed youth

take photographs from airplane windows: tips and techniquesScheduled flights
Daily papers
Sipping tea
Under the covers
Shores of linen beaches
Skyline of lovers
Pen maps the page
Scribbled hearts
Mindless daze

Itinerary to nowhere land
Fake people
Lonely plans
Papier-mâché buildings
Front page clippings
Breaking news
18 with child views
Adult kid sized
Swallowed up whole
Living a life outside the fishbowl

Cardboard island
Thistle trees
Swaying in an unknown breeze
Folded down apartment blocks
Drawn by Fluro markers
Drowning in a headless pillow
Falling oh so deep
Pilot land your paper plane
So I can go to sleep

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