Friday, 23 December 2016

Simple Vs Intense Christmas Makeup Looks

Merry Christmas everyone!! Today I have a few different makeup looks you could potentially do for Christmas day. Everyone is different with their levels of makeup use, so theirs something for everyone. I have played around with different eye looks and lip colours. I hope this inspires you to have fun with your look this Christmas, try something you haven't before.  Enjoy :)

The Simple Look:

What I used:

With this first look I took my gold eyeliner by NYX and drew a line above my black eyeliner. I have also used a eye shadow called Day Gleam which is a pressed pigment by Mac.I used this eye shadow as a gold rim for my eyeliner. I simply took a small angled eye shadow brush and followed the line of my gold eyeliner to create a subtle gold rim around my eye. I also took the brush and went underneath my eye. This look isn't overly intense and allows you to play with bright Lipsticks without fear of looking over the top. The lip colour i went for is a cheaper lipstick by ACO it's a dark berry colour number 527. Personally i love this look as it's simple yet still resembles Christmas with the use of gold and red.

The Intense Looks:

What I Used: 

This next look I kept the previous eye makeup and added a bit more sparkle. Today I have used the Tartlette in bloom palette which is so stunning. In the corner of the eye I have used a soft lighter colour called charmer. In the center of the eye I have used the shade funny girl which is a champagne colour. In the crease of the eye I have gone with the shade Firecracker which is a dark gold colour. All the shades I have gone with are sparkly which obviously feels like Christmas. For the first intense look I have used a Revlon Lipstick in the shade Rouge which is a matte lipcolor. This is a bright red, which is the most intense look I have done. This look I would used for a night time Christmas look as it is very bright for the day time.

The second intense look I simply changed the lip color to a berry shade by Mac called Flat Out Fabulous which is a Retro Matte shade. Simply by changing the lip colour i feel the entire look is different.

The Final look i changed the lip colour again to a baby pink by ACO in the number 506. This changed the whole look again and just simplifies it. If you love intense eyeshadow but simple lipstick this is the look for you. A nude lipcolour would also look really cool.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration to play around with lipcolors until you find the perfect look for you. Have a Merry Christmas everyone mwah xxx

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