Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Planning ahead

We are entering into my favourite time of year, for some of your just as excited for the Christmas season as I am and for others, you're dreading the Christmas mayhem. I understand that along with the seasonal joy comes stress and never ending to-do lists, well this is where I come in. I want to talk about getting organized early, something a lot of us never seem to do. I'm a gold medalist procrastinator which is something I want to change. I want to start the actual adulting early and not just wait around for the New Year to attack those never ending goals. There is so much hype around New Year's resolutions, which to me just made them that much more stressful. Why can't we start our resolutions early? Get a head start on everyone else, so when the New Year does roll around we can be fully prepared and just relax.

Benefits of planning ahead :

Less stress:
Knowing you have done everything you need to before Christmas makes things a lot less stressful. Running errands in advance means you can take your time when you do them and not stress while rushing around.

Be in the moment:
As humans, we are always thinking about where we are heading next and what we are doing later rather than fully enjoying moments with no thoughts to the future. Setting aside a day or two to get those plans big or small in check allows you to emerge in moments as they happen.

Avoid missing important things:
Planning for things means you won't miss out anything important. Making summer plans in advance allows you to be fully prepared therefore you can enjoy yourself more. You won't miss hand in's for specific dates and therefore feel more accomplished.

Achieve results:
Planning ahead and tracking your process can allow you to achieve the results that you are striving to meet. This one is mainly for those personal goals. When you plan to exercise and track your process, you're more likely to continue and get to where you want to be.

Planning ahead can be a lot harder than it seems especially around this time of year but trust me it will make heading into 2017 a lot smoother, that's my aim. Start those Christmas wish lists early, buy a notepad and plan who you're buying for and what you want to buy, this way you can tick presents off your list once it's purchased and wrapped. Buy your gifts early and wrap them with no stress. Applications for courses and University education is always something I put off because I either don't want to do it or dread the amount of work it's going to be. Applications for things is a job that the sooner you do it, the more relieved you're going to be. Now to those pesky goals that creep up at this time of year, start planning for them any way you can. I, for example, when out and brought a bunch of new pretty but also cheap stationery to drive me towards the planning process. If you have fitness goals or personal goals, start working towards them now slowly so when the New Year gets here you’re already on your way, and it seems a little less scary. I brought myself a new diary to keep track of everything I'm doing, and I can also write down thoughts and feelings to track my happiness towards my goals. I also picked up a planner which I can write down things to do each day or targets to hit, allowing me to visualize everything. If you're interested in where I picked up this stationary, it was from Kmart (of course) and all together it only cost me $13.00 NZD which is a small price to pay to get you on your way. Hope this post inspired you a little to get on top of things, for a stress-free enjoyable Christmas season. Thanks for reading Mwah x.

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