Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Autumn Vibes

Bitter frosty air while the sun still glares, leaves fall from trees and flowers surrounded by bees.
That's right Autumn is official upon us and I have to say I've never been happier. A crisp cold day but the sun still shining Is my absolute favourite kind of weather so why not get excited and accessorize. Autumn is the perfect time to layer up with hats, scarves boots you name it. I thought I would gather together a few of my favourite extra items to add to an outfit during this season. Try a few new hairstyles or makeup looks. Let's get started!

You can't really go wrong with a good beanie during the cooler seasons. These two I have worn in the past and thought I would share them with you as they are very different from one another. The first one was from cotton on $10.00 I've had it for a while it says "New York". This beanie has a chill vibe to it and isn't as dressy as the next one. This cute burgundy beanie was from Kmart ssshhh, I can't remember the price but I'm sure it was cheap. Both beanies I think go well with a cute slogan tee (which is coming back into style) and some ripped jeans or leggings. Beanies are just so comfy and let's be real they pretty much go with everything when it's cold outside.

I love these wide brim wool hats so much, you can wear them in any season and it's still acceptable.I have a beige one from Cotton On and a black one from factorie, both were gifts to me so I don't know how much they cost I would say between $10.00 to $20.00. These hats can dress up any outfit and look so lovely. I would recommend one of these for anyone searching for a different hat this season.

Lastly in the hats section is this red and blackcap. Not going to lie, i have hardly worn this and I'm not sure i can pull it off. I thought if i added it to the post it would inspire me to try something a bit different. This hat was from Dotti and cost about $10.00.

As you may already know im addicted to boots literally. I really had to narrow down on my selection for this one. The first two are the exact same shoe just a different colour and material. I brought a brown leather pair and a black suede pair from Wild Pair when it was closing down for only $25.00 each. Due to the price you can't blame me for picking up two pairs.

This next pair is more for going out in the evening as they are just a little bit more classy and have a higher heal. They are cut out boots that reveal the toes. They also have two side zips. I picked these up from Rubi Shoes for about $35.00.

Scarfs: Finally scarfs!! I don't have many cool scarfs but I am on the look out so let me know if theres anywhere I can pick some cheap ones up from. This one is from Cotton On I payed about $15.00 for it and I also have a black one the exact same beacause i kinda love this scarf so why not.

I hope you enjoyed reading that. I love things like hats and boots so I had heaps of fun making this post. I hope that gave you some inspriration to get excited about the cold seasons espically if your someone who usually hates it. Sorry about the pictures, im not really a serious person so i love to pull funny faces (i know not the most professional but i had fun with it). Have a good rest of your day and i'll be back with more fall inspired posts soon. Mwah xxx


  1. Love this post, Autumn is my favourite I love it! I really like your blog by the way.. let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  2. The Cotton hat is amazing, lovely post.
    If you get a chance come and visit my blog xx


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