Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How To Get Organised

I know some of you would have well and truly started school but i hope this may still be of help to you. Next week i start university for the first time and yes i am totally freaking out! To calm myself slightly i decided to get some stationary that will help me stay organised early so i don't get stressed from the get go. I think being organised from the beginning will really help you to settle in to the the new environment and help you focus on things like meeting new people and knowing your way around. At least i hope it does. I am still living at home so i thought why not buy some nice things to get me back into study mode.

Weekly Planner:
I picked up this weekly planner from Typo and you will notice that most of the items in this post are from Typo. I got it when they were having a sale which is especially good for uni students as they seem to have a big sale once school has started but uni hasn't. It cost me about $10.00 NZD. I put it on my desk and try to fill it out prior to the week starting. Each day you can put what you plan on doing and what time, so when your sitting at your desk you can look at it and know whats ahead of you. You can also put goals and other things on it which i think is an added bonus. I don't always check my calendar so having this as well really heaps me a lot.

Diary And Calendar:
I must admit i'm not the best person with diaries i like the idea but i hardly ever use them. With uni starting i figured i need to use a diary and have one in my bag at all times. This diary i have is from Typo and was in the sale so only cost me $6.00!!!. The size is just right to be able to read and carry with you were ever you go. I've already filled it out with important dates like when assessments are due etc. I did this at the same time as filling out my calendar to make two jobs one. Having it already filled out allows you to keep track of what' happening way in advance so no more stress. I love the layout of this particular diary. The pages are set out weekly so you can look at what's happening one week at a time.

Laptop Cases:
Usually laptop cases are very expensive and can be kind of boring to look at , so when i found these two bad boys i had to buy them both. With uni and even at collage these days you use your laptop for everything so having a nice practical case for it is essential. My laptop is quite small and to be able to put it in my bag, to carry around with me i needed a good size bag. The pink and grey marble laptop bag is from Typo for $34.00. I thought that was a good price and its the perfect size for my laptop and can fit in my bag easily. The pink and blue floral case is from Forever New and was down to $15.00 crazy right!! It's slightly bigger than the other one but should still be practical to carry around. I love them both they are so me. I think that's key with stationary to find things that suit you and excite you.

Clear-files and Ring Binder:
The clear folders i have are spare ones i found that we had left over from other years. Sometimes you don't have to buy all new everything. With the clear files i just sellotaped onto the cover what paper it was for, i did this for all of my papers. I then sellotaped readings week one and readings week two on some of the inside slips this way i can put all the reading documents for each week into them. I think this is a good way to know what you need to have read each week to get on top of it early. The ring binder i brought from Typo again only $6.00. I will place any loose pieces of paper that i need in it so nothing important gets lost.

Note Books:
Notebooks are important especially for Uni, i wanted to get something a bit different than just a pad. These i found from Typo 2 for $15.00. There were heaps of different designs to choose from. I picked a New York one and a Paris one as these are places i want to visit or work in some day so it has some meaning. These pads have dividers all the way through them so you can easily use one pad for all of your papers and not get confused about what notes are for what paper. I love these note books as the inspire me in some way.

Pens And Pencil Case:
Last but not least Pens. I found this cute pineapple pencil holder from Typo for $6.00. It's so cute and great to store your highlights and pens in on your desk or in your cupboard to grab on the run. You don't want to spend ages looking around your house for pens so this is a perfect thing to have.I also picked up this Typo pencil case for $6.00. I always like to buy a new pecil case im not sure why but it's nice to have one. It just says on it 'holy chic.'.

There you go, a few things i picked up to get me ready for my first year at Uni. I hope some of the stuff i got inspires you to get organised not just for uni but anything really. Sometimes having some nice new things can help you pull yourself together. Leave a comment and let me know what you think thanks for reading mwah xx.

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