Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Home Sweet Home

Not only is it a new year but February also seems to be the month of blues. Why you may be thinking, well its that time when everyone goes back to work and school, before you know it the holidays are completely over with it can send some of us into a sad state. Sometimes the best thing to do is re decorate. Re decorating can be sooooooo exciting and can even send happy, positive vibes your way. Life is changing and with it so are you time for your room to catch up. Re decorating can be expensive of course i love trying to find the most inexpensive ways as possible. Sometimes it can be a good investment, if your environment makes you happy then most likely so will you. A few years ago me and my brother both decided to re decorate our rooms my purple fairy wall paper just wasn't exactly me anymore (very outdated!!). I decided to go all out starting off with some new paint. My brother moved rooms all together (to the biggest bedroom in the house i'm still annoyed) and put up some new wallpaper. If changing the walls just isn't an option for you even small touches like a new duvet or some room decor can change the look entirely. When re decorating or re styling the key is to be 100% you the best room will be the one that you decorated yourself. Me and my brother went with two completely different styles both unique and modern in their own way and i love them both.

Starting off with my door i have a simple black calk board that is in the shape of a speech bubble. I love this as it is a small touch that looks cool as you walk into my room and i can put quotes on it when i feel in the mood and i do love quotes.

I picked creme walls with one mint green feature wall. The feature wall is a major pop of color and i love pastels so it was the best choice. The colour is so vibrant i'm always happy in my room. I changed the walls at least two years ago now but just recently i decided my room needed re decorating just to show you how little can be done to create a whole new look. Starting with the duvet. I found this duvet in a Kmart flyer and fell in love with it . You will cry when i tell you it only cost me $12.00 NZD!!! that is crazy cheap you couldn't go out for dinner for that price. The white pillow makes the whole thing complete also only $12.00, its so fluffy i wanna die!.

Succulents are everywhere at the moment and typical me i love them just as much as every other person out there. I'm not so good with keeping plants alive so i found some cheap but fake ones. I have placed two white potted succulents on my windowsill that cost me $6.00 each from Briscoes. The plant on my desk is again Kmart for $17.00 because you can't go wrong at Kmart. Also on my desk is an old mason jar filled with my makeup brushes, a cute little tin my friends brought me filled with lipsticks, a few candles and some of the books i read most often. At a book sale i brought some old but classic books like 'Pride and Prejudice' for super cheap and they look extra cute all lined up on my desk. As you can see tiny touches can make a big difference.

Some of you may know at this point my addiction to Audrey Hepburn so with this wall i kept it simple. I did this by putting two prints in plain black frames that match the frame on my mirror to fill this wall. This wall is very simple but it's my favorite, sometimes simple is better.

My brother's room is very different to mine all the same its re decorated to his style. He painted his room a beige color with a brick wallpaper for a feature wall. The wallpaper was expensive but the effect is awesome don't you think! His new duvet is a basic beigh color but with a throw on the end and a deer pillow it looks really modern. He also got some old records and put them as a display above his bed, this is an awesome diy thing to do as it can be cheap (if you buy cheap records) and can look awesome.

He brought a deer head from the Warehouse and put that as a focus point on an empty wall again simple but stylish.

Finally he brought a fake fluffy grey rug from Kmart for only $25.00 and simply draped it over the couch. Doing something a little different can stand out.

As you can see each room showcases each of our likes and personality. I hope this post gave you some room-spiration. I hope it makes you excited about trying something new with your room. Let me know if you have a go and how it works out. I'm sure it will change your mood and give you a fun project to start. I love shopping for room decor items as it can be fun and cheap if you look in the right places. Thanks for reading mwah.


  1. You guys are amazing at room decorations!
    Love the cute succulents and mint walls are just lovely :D

  2. everything looks so lovely, I especially love the bedding so cute! http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/


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