Saturday, 16 January 2016

Fit Tips For 2016

I still can't get over that it's already 2016 where did 2015 go? The year flew by. 2016 is a new start for me and i hope to make it an incrediable year starting off with some healthy eating and fitness. I have a few tips that i plan on turning into daily routines. I'm definitely no fitness instructor or health expect and in no way the fittest person. I just love health and fitness and am working on myself.I want to share some tips i have discovered over time that may help you kick start your fitness journey for 2016. Lets get this started!!

#Tip 1: Water
Now you've heard this before but i don't think you can hear it enough.The benefits of drinking heaps of water are endless. It's an easy thing to start yourself doing that can lead into a much healthier lifestyle. Drinking water can help you stay fuller for longer meaning you won't over eat when it comes to meal time. It can cleanse your body and stop you from wanting to drink other things like fuzzy drinks ect. Now i love coffee and i don't think i will ever give it up completely as it's a guilty pleasure of mine but drinking water does help as i only have a coffee a day or sometimes even only two a week. If you manage to get yourself to grab a glass of water rather than juice your well on your way. Try having 3 liters a day, it sounds like a lot but if your drinking water constantly it will go in no time. It all sounds easy but some people struggle to actually remember to drink water and this next tip may sound crazy but it works for me so maybe it will work for you.

#Tip 2: Pretty drink bottle:
Yes you did read it correctly. Go out and buy yourself a nice drink bottle it sounds crazy but i noticed that when i had a drink bottle i liked i wanted to use it more and take it with me everywhere therefore i drank more. If taking a water bottle with you isn't an issue and actually drinking 3 liters of water is then this may help. Typo sell big drink bottles that hold up to one liter of water so you actually only need to drink three of those bottles till you are done. This can trick your mind into thinking its got less to drink and may become easier for you.

#Tip 4: Lemon water
I see all over pinterest just how beneficial lemon water is. Its a drink to have after a work out or in the morning as you wake up. I did read that its a caffeine replacement so if you love coffee as much as i do this is really going to help you. Lemon water also boosts energy, boosts immune system, is a weight loss aid, boosts brain, anti cancer and again the list is endless.

#Tip 3: Green Tea
When i first tried green tea i hated it. Then i managed to run into a article all about the health benefits of green tea and realized that i'd be crazy not to drink it. I got into a routine of having one a night before bed and now i love it! some how i now like the taste and can't go without one. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that benefit your body. The say that green tea has a long list of benefits such as: Lowers cholesterol, fights cancer,detoxifies,speeds up metabolism and the list goes on. Trust me drinking green tea is a must.

#Tip 5: 30 day challenges
My most favorite thing for the start of this year is 30 day challenges. You can go online and find 30 day challenges for almost any body part and all the exercises start of easy and get harder as you improve. These are great for the start of the year as you wind down from holiday mode you don't have to do a crazy work out yet you are still doing some exercise that only takes a few minuets. I am obsessed with Blogilaties which is a you tube channel and website run by Pilates instructor Cassey Ho. I like to go onto her website and print off all of her 30 day challenges making sure i complete them every morning before i have a shower. You can tick them off as well which helps make you feel accomplished once you have done it. 30 day challenges can get you back into motivation for the rest of the year.

#Tip 6: Fit diary
This is something i have planned on doing for such a long time but i finally made one for myself a fit diary. Im sure you can go out and buy one but i decided to do some diy to customize one that fits me. Having a fit diary is so handy it allows you to write what exercise you did for the day water intake and food. Writing this in a diary can help track your progress and actually allow yourself to see that you are making progress. Knowing that you have to fill it in each day can also stop you from grabbing that piece of cake or cookie as you know you have to write it in. This is something you can keep for yourself to stay motivated. Making one for yourself is super easy and if any one wants a post about it i'll be happy to do that. If you forget to fill it in each day simply set a reminder on your phone to go off at a certain time works like a charm.

#Tip 7: Exercise that excites you
Exercise is hard when you don't actually enjoy it, you almost force yourself to do it and often that makes it harder to continue to do it. When i was in primary school i strongly believed that to be fit i had to run and i hate running, i have too really push myself yet it isn't the kind of pushing yourself that you enjoy. I then realized that there is heaps of different forms of exercise out there and you just have to discover which one you like best. If your not a cardio person try Pilates (I love Pilates) you can do it in your own home or take a class. There's box fit and dance classes trying something new out might make you excited to wake up and exercize meaning you will exercise more. If you want to exercise at home just type into google there are heaps of workouts that you could try.

#Tip 8: Exercise Gear
Go out and treat yourself to some new exercise gear that you feel and look good in. This could really motivate you and inspire you to get moving sometimes the littlest things can help.

#Tip 9: Workout calendar
Try printing of a daily workout calendar. A work out calendar is already made for you and tells you what to do for each day so you don't even need to think about it. What's easier than that sometimes over thinking doing a workout can put you off actually doing it so the less you think the better.

Those are all my tips so far i really hope some of these work for you and you try them out. If you have any tips yourself comment below lets all share together, thanks heaps for taking the time to read this mwah xxx


  1. You've compiled a lot of great thoughts into one fit post which I adore. Water is a big one for me. Some days I drink a LOT of water and other days I don't drink much water! xx

  2. Love those 30 day challenges!

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