Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Make-up Look

The festive season is upon us and i couldn't be happier. Christmas is most definitely the most wounderful time of the year as it brings people together and is just exciting in general!. I am one of those crazy obsessed xmas people and felt that this year i want to create some new exciting content to put on this blog all xmas themed. To start out these xmas themed posts i thought why not create a classic Make-up look that can be worn on christmas day or to any christmas work partys people have coming up.

I recently purchased this stunning eye shadow palette containing three different sparkly gold shades perfect for this time of the year. Gold eye shadow is classic for christmas and is often a bit more fancy than everyday makeup, at least for me it is. I rarely wear gold eye makeup so to be able to pull something different out on Christmas day is always exciting. The palette i am using is By W7 called in the buff lightly toasted palette. This Palette only cost me $12.00 on sale which is insanly cheap as usually for an eye shadow palette with 12 different shades you would pay around $30.00 or more. What i love about this palette is that it comes in a tin so it keeps really nicely. The brush is also lovely as its very long meaning you have a more controlled use over what you are doing. The brush also comes with two ends a sponge end and a brush end for different applications extremely handy.The shades i have used in this look are:

Teddy Bear: Light shimery creme
Happy:Sparkly champagne gold
Twister:Bright sparkly gold
Di Di:Sparkly Dark gold

Before applying any eye shadow i used my finger to put some concealer on my eyelids as this can help hold the eyeshadow on for longer if you don't own an eyeshadow primer.I have used the shade 'Teddy Bear' in my inner corner of the eye to make the eyes look large and bright. The shade 'Happy' i used to blend together 'Teddy bear' then the shade 'Twister' into the lid. Finishing off the eyes with the shade 'Di Di' in the crease blended up to the brow line. I brought the first two colours down underneath the eye as well just for a final pop. You may use a light concealer or lighter eye shadow shade up around the brow as a highlight.Finishing off the eyes i have done a simple cat eye flick then a coat of masacra. You could attach some false lashes, a cheap and affordable brand i sometimes use are Cala lashes number 42 black. The lashes are definietly optional.

Finally for the finishing touch lip stick. I have gone with a deep berry shade rather than a classic red just for a change as it allows the eyes to stand out more. I think berry lips with gold eyes just go so well together, its a match made in makeup heaven. I love a classic red lip which would also go well with this look. I have used a lipstick by the brand L.A Girl matte flat finish pigment gloss in the shade Rebel.What I love about this lipstick is that it drys on your lips so will last ages. You will go to re-apply but will find there is no need it's very long wearing great for long christams partys.

I hope you enjoyed this look i definitely had fun creating it. I think its perfect for xmas time and adds some fetive fun to your overall look. Please comment below if you enjoyed reading this and what your favourite christams holiday look is, Be sure to stay tuned so Some future festive posts on this blog mwah xxx.

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