Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Haul

I thought it might be a fun idea to show you all the things i went out and brought this year to get into the holiday spirt. This includes all home decor stuff and extra little christmas themed things i picked up. I do go a little crazy around christmas time so anything remotely related to christmas i feel the urge to buy.

Lets begin with all the decoration stuff i brought for my room. In my house hold the main christams tree is in the lounge area but its always fun to deck out the bedroom to the max so you feel festive where ever you go! Kmart was my one stop shop for my decorations this year from trees and lights to little ornaments, they seemed to have everything at an affordable price. I first brought this gold christmas tree which was $11.00 NZD and the little baubles i brought separately for $6.00 NZD. I love the gold tree and the silver and gold baubles match it perfetly. As you will see i continued on this gold theme throughout my room. The lights on the tree were $15.00 NZD from The warehouse and have all kinds of different settings in which the lights flash.

Next I brought these pretty star shaped fairy lights from (Yip you guessed it) Kmart. Only $11.00 NZD. What I love about these lights is that they are metal which I think will allow them to last longer and they just look better than plastic ones. In the close up image you can see the pattern looks a bit like a snowflake which adds a cool look to it all.

I simply couldn't walk away from this super cute deer snow globe also because it goes with my theme. Again I got this from Kmart for only $6.00 NZD. I think it's supposed to hang on the tree but I think it stands on better on my windowsill. I planned on getting these decorations so I can use them in future years hence why I may have gone a little over board.

I got this little cute sign from uncle bills for $2.96 that says 'Nice Until Proven Naughty'. I didn't need this decoration but it was so cheap and finished off the room nicely.

Last but not least I got this stunning candle from Kmart which I love for $8.00 NZD. I have a small candle obsession and with the price and it being in a cute gold glass holder I couldn't resist. This is probably my favourite decoration out of the lot. It will still look good after the christmas season. The smell is sandlewood its very subtle but slightly chrismassy. If anyone does know of a cheap pine sented candle let me know i'm on the hunt for one.

Now im just going to talk about some odd bits and bobs i picked up. Starting with this Jamie Oliver 6 DVD set christmas collection. This was on sale in The Warehouse for $10.00 NZD. I am crazy excited about watching this I love Jamie oliver and his recipes so what coud be better than a collection of his christmas specials. Sometimes watching christmas cooking specials get me so excited for christmas regardless of wether im actually going to cook it or not. I love Nigella Lawson christmas cooking videos as well, her DVD set was slightly on the pricey side so maybe next year. I feel these types of DVDS are timeless and will be watched year after year including classic christmas films also.

This one is very random but I kinda love gimmicky things, so I picked up these festive straws which only cost me $1.30 NZD. I have no idea what i will use these for yet but they are very cute. They have various different sayings on them such as 'jungle all the way', 'be merry' 'tis the season' and 'christmas cheer'. These i also picked up in The Warehouse.

That is all the stuff i can think of for now im sure with a week to go til christmas ill pick up some more bits and bobs. Thanks for reading comment any things you may have brought for the christmas season. Stay tuned i have some fun festive treats coming very soon. Mwah xx

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