Monday, 26 October 2015

When Anxiety Takes Over

You're in a very comfortable normal situation relaxed surrounded by your friends talking possibly laughing then all of a sudden you notice a shortage of breath a constant struggle to get air into your system the noise around you is drowned out by your own thoughts or maybe even your lack of thoughts. No one notices, wanting to cry but not quite having a clue why everything was going fine! This my friends is called anxiety or a panic attack, either way, these bad boys have been taking over my life recently and the worst part is I don't know why. I'm not an expert on the matter far from it and what I experience is probably minor compared to others. I've seen people go through something a lot worse and I can't even imagine the struggle. For me I don't understand is why anxiety occurs, because mine seems to happen in situations that I'm in all the time like at school or even going to a friends house! I had one whilst walking with my friend all I wanted to do was tug on her jacket and scream I can't breathe but then again I didn't really want her to know anything was wrong. So I did nothing I said nothing. It's ok to not want to talk about it, most of us don't want to although I would recommend it you never know you might just have a friend that says exactly the right things. If you don't want to talk about it a good step is to acknowledge that it's there and is happening I spent far too long telling myself nothing was going on. Anxiety is terrifying you struggle to speak and you feel so tiny. Sometimes you clam up or you start shaking people experience it to different extremes all in which are just as bad.For me anxiety has a ripple effect when I get it once out of nowhere I seem to start getting it constantly. People get awkward or uncomfortable talking about this topic they don't know what to say which I can't blame them. Sometimes when someone who hasn't experienced it for themselves will keep asking that never ending question why? why are anxious? if you're like me you have no idea it just happens which seems to make it harder to talk to someone about. Now I can't cure you in fact sometimes I like to just blabber on about these things that happen to me in the hopes someone else may be feeling the same that can connect in someway. I am going to, however, give u a few tips that may help with anxiety or at least a few things I plan on trying this week.

One: Meditation

Meditation is something I started two weeks ago. I became too slack to keep going with it so I'm beginning to pin my bad week to that. Meditation can simply be ten minutes out of your day that allows you to breathe. Meditation can help rewire your brain to watch thoughts as they go by instead of trying to intervene and stop them from happening. I think if we learn to listen to our thoughts rather than immediately react on them could it could lead us to a calmer state of mind. It may not be for you but trust me there's no harm in trying.

Two: What relaxes you?

Find out what best sets your body into relaxation mode. For me lighting a few Candles having a bath or even listening to some music makes me relax. Whenever I light Candles my mind automatically knows it's time to relax. Often when I'm uptight I listen to different sounds. Spotify had heaps of relaxation playlists sometimes I play ocean noises or storm noise may sound cliche but if it works it works. Find something that works best for you.

Three: Affirmations

Affirmations are little things that you can say to yourself that make you feel better. I made up a Pinterest board filled with different affirmations and if you don't want people to know you do it that's fine to you can always create a secret Pinterest board just for you. Some affirmations include: this is just anxiety it can't hurt me. I know that this will fade away. I am happy and I am safe. There are millions more just find the ones you like. Again this isn't for everyone.

Four: Sleep

May seem like an obvious one but we can never seem to hear it enough. if we sleep when we are actually tired rather than going on our phone watching YouTube or scrolling through Twitter (guilty) before bed then our mind will actually shut off. We need to allow our brains to learn that it's ok sometimes to just not think at all. We all know what it's like when we spend the whole night wide awake dealing with our mind going on and on with thoughts we wake up in a bad mood that sets us up for the rest of the day.

Again I'm not an expert and I'm sure there are many more things you can do I'm still learning myself. These are just a few things I've done in the past and will continue to do on a regular basis in the hopes my anxiety might subside. I would learn to do these things regularly in order for it to have an effect. I hope this was of help to any of you thanks for reading and remember to just breath! Mwah xxx

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