Thursday, 6 August 2015

Estee Lauder Goodies

Recently I did a little post about my favourite things that I received for my birthday which was in June and feels like a century ago now, how did this year go so fast it is slightly terrifying me please don't let me be the only one? Anyway I didn't include this next set of items as I thought they deserved there own separate post. My Nan is just as makeup obsessed as I am which I think is very cool id love to be her age and still excited about beauty and fashion here's hoping. unlike me she buys a more expensive brand of makeup and suggested to me to try on this powder by Estee Lauder which she said keeps your makeup on all day is easy to use for touch up's and makes your skin look very matte. Obviously I heard her say Estee Lauder and didn't think too much of it as well I can't really afford that high end sort of make up im more of a drug store sort of girl or at least that's all my wallet will allow me to be. Not thinking anymore of it, she suggests to me a few weeks later that she will treat me for my birthday which was absolutely lovely. I won't lie I felt bad the powder alone was $80.00 New Zealand which to me for powder is a lot but you do pay for what you get sometimes. I went into the store tryed it on and it was lovely, it felt soft on my skin and often when I put powder over the top of my foundation I can't see it but with this powder I could definitley see it. An added bonus is for days when you don't want to put lots of make up on it can be used as a powder foundation. When my Birthday rolled around and I opened it i was super excited to see she had gotten me a little Estee Lauder set which came free with the powder in some deal. I think that made it extremely worth it as this set has tones in it. It has a 'perfectly clean' foam cleanser/purifying mask, 'Advanced Night Repair', 'Day wear' creme, 'Advanced night repair' eye creme,'Pure Color' long lasting lipstick, 'Pure Color' eye shadow, 'Sumptuous Extreme' mascara and finally an exclusive Lisa Perry Print Cosmetic bag. Now if u did take the effort to read all those products that's a lot of stuff and they are all little testers which is great as it allows you to see which products you like and don't. They are also tiny enough to take on holiday as they won't take up too much room in your makeup/ skincare bag. I'm heading off to Australia shortly and will definitly be bringing these along with me.

As you can see they are really stunning looking products which never used to bother me.The more i get into this makeup/beauty world i actually get excited about products i think look pretty or have pretty packaging.I love the bag that comes with it, I think it will be my new travel makeup bag for a while.All the face products smell amazing which is just an added bonus. They feel lovely on the skin and definitely feel like a good quality product. I will be taking this away with me so I will test them out for a longer period of time and give you an update on what think. i hope this post interested some of you I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please feel free to comment any advice would be awesome thanks again mwah :) xx

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