Saturday, 2 May 2015

Luscious lies Poem

Sad yet beautiful picture taken during 2016 Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountains fire...

Whispers infused the air, entangled with lies
Like wild fire they spread setting alight to ideas in their heads
What used to be walls of light now felt damp and confined
As backs turned doors closed ever so slightly.
Mine slammed without any warning

Just like that trust had vanished from my sight.
Not seen for days, weeks, nights

You could hear breathing as thoughts were left to torture mindsIn, out not stopping to wonder why?

Uncertainty lingered leaving a ghastly aroma
Slowly they built themselves a new persona
Disguised behind false beliefs, taking our right to exist
Allowing shadows to wander in our foot steps

Charging forward i didn't look back
Guilt over riding the apology I lacked
Leaving behind one single lost soul, that weaped tears like snow
Stained by the Bitter bitten sting on her cheek
Whirlwinds created by jealousy and deceit

Her violent mood swings only indicate one thing
Envious No not me, not of her.

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