Sunday, 31 May 2015

Lazy long weekend

Hello everybody long time no see! Not a crazy interesting post today but i felt like i had lots of words wizzing around in my head and thought i would just post something even if no one reads it. Iv'e had a lovely super duper long weekend this weekend i got friday off for a teacher only day and monday off for queens birthday so the hectic busy week i had prior was all leading up to this. Unfortunitely a little sneaky headace decided it would follow me around all weekend so sadly i felt ill for most of it but decided to not feel down (which i usually do when i'm sick am I the only one?)My parents were gone for two days on a little holiday and my brother was mostly at work and stayed at his girlfriends house so i was left to my lonsome little jubba home alone (Jubba is my nickname weird i no, someone said it once and it stuck). Not alot to be bouncy happy about but I did have a very cute furry friend following me around everywhere my westie dog Willis. Luckyily my friend came over saturday night and a girly evening of making food and good yarns were in order i was in much need of some girl therapy that's for sure. I did sneak some shopping in sshhh hopefully soon i will put up a little look book thing if thats what you call it :). Overall my weekend contained good food, crazy hair, late night walks, and terrible coffee i attempted to make. Thanks for taking the time to read if ya did just felt the need to talk to someone even if that is myself ( does that make me sound crazy haha) I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week coming up thanks again lovelies mwah xx

Ps sorry about the pictures not being in line i wanted to have them all next to each other but it sort of didnt work out then i got frustrated and just wanted to post it so if anyone has any tips i would appreciate it:)

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