Sunday, 26 April 2015

Short story: When the kids went out to play

Desolate vast landscapes braided with melting dew drops. Catching flight with the dandelion fairies wishing to the heavens to take us with them. With a single stroke we paint the sky pink,yellow and blue to bring back the life we once knew. Children frolocked amongst the tussoks and fell in waves with the wind. We mimicked their every move. What once was a nightmare became the childhood memories we thought we outgrew. Hawked by eyes of those unsure but watched by those who cared. Separated by the foggy glass pane. They watched us on the sidelines as the silence of others grew. Paranoia combed their veins, for nothing could be more terrifying than repeating the past. Uncertainty uncovered the bare soles we are yet to decease.

I lie asleep on her death bed in the hopes she never left it. My hair tangled in my thoughts. Taking each breath as slow as I can. The summer of 1999 feels like only yesterday. naive and juvenile we were with feathers in our hair and backstreet boys blasting the stereo. The tide danced around our feet but not for long, it soon pulled away leaving us to dance alone. The day resembled much like right now except the sun was yet to be taken away. 16 years have past and the sun never seemed to return, that or we hadn’t seem to find it since. They say the past is the past but it has never treated me like this.Teenage lovers like myself cuddled on the rocks as the children scurred to the shore. They played for hours, building castles that only appeared in their dreams. No parents in sight, all that watched us were the bird colony that draped the sky. Talking to seagulls, chasing them until they took flight.

The towns people never knew a life without the sun, for the sun brought hope that winter wouldn’t last long. The children came in packs of twos or fours squealing like hungry pigs. Sand swirled like tornados in the current of the wind, but nothing could stop them. Their heads created a path all along the beach as i watched from afar. They ran fast in an attempt to escape the waves before they detonate on the foreshore. Feeling tranquil i turn my head little did i know id never feel that way again. My body jolts in angst as terrorising screams cascade through the air. A little girl lost her life that day and therefore so did everyone else. Her scream still rings through my ears for i had’nt even tried to save her.

The sand disappeared from beneath her feet, dragged away by the monsters of the sea.She tried to gasp for air but the ocean wouldn’t let her, it filled her lungs and took away our sun. A storm arrived to take her place, brewed by the thoughts we couldn't erase. A town was left to mourn the death but the feelings never quite went away. Shadowed by her ghost until we finally let her go. But did we? No, thats why i can never forget the day when the kids went out to play.

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