Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Getting In The Festive Spirit

So it's that time of year again, where all we see is red and green, everyone is at there most happiest or most stressed selves. I for one love christmas it certainly is the most wounderful time of the year. So I decided to decorate early this year to get into the christmas sprit and make the most out of the best month in the year.I decoraed my room in late November, and I know some of you will scream as it's bad luck to deocrate before december 1st. I have a very valid reason for this crime as I'm going on holiday at the end of December and I wont be able to enjoy the festive spirit for as long as everyone else. Here are just a few pictures of my room and how I decided to decorate it this year, to maybe help some of you get into the christmas spirit as well. In the image of me I'm just being a nutter.My brother brought a very awesome reindeer beanie and I couldn't resist it haha. As you can probably already tell I love fairy light but who doesn't, I mean it just isn't christmas without lights. The big christmas tree image is in our lounge and I just had to add it in as it just looks so cute now, we have already started surrounding it with presants. Iv'e also started to listen to christmas songs or carols already as well. I had a debate with my friend the other day, she hates christmas carols I don't know how one could hate christmas carols, you only get to listen to them once every year why not enjoy it?? Anyway thanks for reading I hope everyone who reads this has a very merry christmas mwah xx

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