Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October favourites

I love watching you tubers do favorites videos, seeing new products that I might like to try.I'm super excited that I've now got a blog, as I can talk about some of my own personal favorites. So I got a small bunch of beauty products and lifestyle items that I have been loving over the last couple of months. I thought why not do a blog post about why I love them so much. Some of the items are very random just so you know!!
The first item I have chosen is Miranda Kerr's book called 'Empower Yourself'. Its such a cute book, inside is a blue ribbon which you can place in between pages so you don't lose your page. It's filled with affirmations which are just positive statements that are encouraging to read. I've been trying to read a few pages of the book every morning when I wake up and it puts me in a positive mood for the rest of the day. The affirmations just make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to make your life better/ change aspects of your life you don't like. So I would definitely recommend this book to anyone especially if your not much of a positive person or need a pick me up.
The second item is a bit of a random one but it has been a life saver to me at the moment its a healing salve by Harker Herbals. This stuff is amazing you can put it on almost any skin problem you may have and no lie over night it has gone. I had cracked lips and I was getting really annoyed because simple lip balms just weren't enough. I tried this stuff and literally over night my lips were back to normal. It says on it that you can put it on things like rashes, insect bites, cracked skin and other things.I know its not the most interesting product to talk about but its something that I found amazing at the moment.
Ok this next item is super exciting definitely one of the best out of them all its a moisturiser they call it a moisturising body satin and it's by a company called nutriments. The name fits it perfectly it honestly does feel like satin on your skin after you spray it on. If only you could smell it right now it smells like peach/apricot and it's just amazing. You can spray it all over your body but I like to use it on my legs as it just makes them sooooo smooth. It's super handy as you can fit it in your bag because it's small enough to do so. It also saves time as you can just spray it on and go although I still like to rub it into my skin. I can't remember how much it cost me but for memory it wasn't expensive at all. It comes in a normal cream moisturiser as well if you would prefer that over the spray.
Alright this item is very similar to the last one so i will keep the description short it is another moisturiser by Victoria's Secret. Its called a hydrating body lotion in the scent strawberries and champagne. I mainly love this because it smells sooooo good and when you rub it into your skin you also end up smelling soooo good. The bottle is cute and I just leave it on my desk so I never forget to use it. I am definitely keen to try the other scents but i'm worried they wont be as good considering this one is so amazing.
Sadly I am empty on this next item, I have never used one before but since buying it I realised I cant go without it. It's a dry shampoo by Batiste.I know a lot of people own these dry shampoos especially in New Zealand because it's the first dry shampoo we have ever had here or at least the only one's I have seen. I got the fruity and cheeky cherry one and it just makes my hair last a few more days before I need to wash again. I don't know what I did before I had this it's honestly so good and everyone would benefit from one of these especially if you find washing your hair a lot of effort like me.
Healtheries naturally slim tea in zesty lemon flavor is the next on my list. This tea not only tastes amazing but also balances as a weight control system. I'm not trying to lose weight I actually brought it because it sounded nice but it's definitely an added benefit. I found this stuff really amazing I haven't noticed a huge weight change because of it but I haven't been drinking it regularly like it says to, it is definitely doing something though.
This is one of the most exciting items of all (Make-up always is) It's the retro matte lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous by Mac. Yes Mac is very expensive and I did pay thirty something dollars for this but come on it's so pretty.I just think it's perfect for October as it's a bit of a dark plum color which just reminds me of October. It is more of an Autumn colour rather than spring which we are in right now here in NZ but it's still freezing cold outside and I think this colour goes well with jumpers and scarfs.I'm so in love with this lippy colour I don't know if I pull it off well but it is matte and i'm obsessed with all things matte at the moment.
Last but certainly not least is this cute mason glass mug. I found it at the Warehouse only seven dollars for four I was just so excited. I think they are just the cutest things ever and I really want to go back and get the ones with the straws. I can't wait for summer to come as I think these will look so cool to use when sitting out side sun bathing with friends.
sorry for the extremely long post I promise to keep future posts shorter than this I tend to get a tad bit carried away thanks for reading mwah!:)

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