Monday, 6 October 2014

A Small Introduction


Welcome to my very first blog post ever! This is all very scary and intimidating to me starting a blog, putting up pieces of writing and my opinions online for all to see and judge.I want to start a blog because I love to write short stories and talk about fashion, what I like to wear and my opinions on fashion and beauty as a whole. I'm doing this as an outlet,a way to get rid of things on my mind and to create a space for me to talk about what I love and hopefully share with others who also have that same love. So I guess this is an introduction to me and what this blog is going to consist of. I love all things fashion and beauty related so that's what i'd like to base my blog around. I want to also include some of my own short stories that I write to get feedback and give them purpose instead of leaving them hidden away for know one to read. I also want to include life style posts and just events I go to and things I do during the day. I love Audrey Hepburn (Hence the title) but my blog is not going to be based on her I just have a love for her fashion sense and her whole persona and I wanted to incorporate that into my blog.I'm terrible at spelling and grammar so i'm sorry for those who pick up on my mistakes. I really hope if there is anyone reading this at all that you chose to keep reading my posts and in someway I can inspire others somehow with the things I post even though my life isn't at all that exciting. I'm at a stage in my life of trying to find out who I am and what I want to do, I hope this blog helps me with that and maybe I can help you. Thanks for reading mwah xo

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